Tradename Conversion Cross Reference
ABSYLUX ABS Rod, Sheet, Slab and Film  
ABSYLUX CN-P Conductive ABS, Carbon Powder Filled  
ABSYLUX SD-A Anti-Static ABS, Non-Carbon Alloy  
ABSYLUX CN-F Conductive ABS, Carbon Filled  
ACCULAM Laminated Phenolic  
ACETRON Acetal Based Shapes, Copolymer Tecaform
ACETRON GP Ultraform Low Porosity Acetal Tecaform
ACETRON NS Acetal with Lubricants Added Tecaform
ACLAR PCTFE Fluoropolymer  
ACU-FLEX Flexible PVDF Tubing  
ACRIGLAS Cast Acrylic Sheet  
ACRYLITE Acrylic Sheet Optix
ACRYLITE AR Abrasive Resistant Acrylic Sheet Optix
ACRYLITE FF Continuously Manufactured Acrylic Sheet Optix
ACRYLITE GP Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet  
ACRYSTEEL Continuous Cast Medium Impact Acrylic Sheet  
ACU-STAT Static Dissipative Fluoroplastics  
ARDEL Polyarylate  
ARMITE Vulcanized Fibre Fish Paper
ARMORGLIDE Polyurethane Modified with Lubricant  
ARNITE PET Polyester TecaPET
ARPET Family Name for Line of Polyester Products  
ASTRAGLAS Flexible PVC Sheet and Strips in Rolls  
AURUM Thermoplastic Polyimide Resin  
BAKELITE Laminated Phenolic Plastic  
BENELEX Laminated Hardboard Panels  
BOLTARON Rigid PVC and CPVC Materials  
CALIBRE Polycarbonate Tecanat
CBS Mirrored High Impact Polystyrene Sheets  
CELANESE Nylon Type 6/6 Resin  
CELAZOLE High Heat Engineering Material Polybenzimidazole (PBI)  
CELCON Acetal Copolymer Tecaform
CELTEC Expanded PVC Sheet Rigid  
CERAM P, TIVAR Shatter-resistant UHMW alternative to sintered ceramics  
CHAMPLINE Extruded HDPE, UV Resistant Colors  
CHEMCAST Cell Cast Acrylic Sheets in Several Grades and Types  
CLEANSTAT, TIVAR Anti-static, USDA-FDA approved UHMW  
CLEAR-40 Clear Rigid Schedule 40 PVC Pipe  
CLEARFLO Unreinforced PVC Tubing  
CONDULUX Conductive Products  
CORZAN CPVC Thermoplastic CPVC Material Products  
CRYLEX High Impact Acrylic  
CRYSTAR Polyester Resin  
CYROLON AR Abrasive Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet  
CRYOLON ZX Polycarbonate Sheet  
DECARGLAS Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet  
DEGLAS Extruded Acrylic Sheet  
DELMAT Composite Material with low thermal conductivity and expansion for Printed Circuit Board Industry.  
DuPont DELRIN® Acetal Resin, Homopolymer  
DuPont DELRIN® AF DuPont Teflon Filled DuPont Delrin HPV 13
DIAMONDBACK Urethane Sheet Lining Products  
DKE Fire-Rated Acrylic/PVC Sheet  
DURA-SURF UHMW Film and Tape  
DURAPLEX High Impact Acrylic Sheet  
DURATRON Polyimide Available with Fillers Meldin
DURATRON 150 15% Graphite Filled Polyimide Meldin 7021
DURATRON 400 40% Graphite Filled Polyimide Meldin 7022
DURATRON HP High Purity Grade Polyimide Meldin
ELASTALON Rubber Modified Cast Nylon 6  
ELECTRAFIL Nylon 12 with Stainless Steel Fibers for ESD Protection. Injection Molding Resin Only  
ENSICAR Changed to Tecanat Tecanat
ENSIFIDE Changed to Tecatron Tecatron
ENSIFONE Changed to Tecason S Tecason S
ENSIKEM Changed to Tecaflon Tecaflon
ENSILON Changed to Tecamid Tecamid
ENSIPRO Changed to Tecafine Tecafine
ENSITAL Changed to Tecaform Tecaform
ENSITAL HPV Changed to Tecaform HPV13 Tecaform HPV13
ENSITEP Changed to TecaPET TecaPET
ENVEX Polyimide Resins with Fillers Meldin
ERTALON Cast Nylon Tecast
ERTALON LFX Discontinued Filled Cast Nylon  
ETHYLUX Low Density Polyethylene Stock Shapes  
EXCEL Polycarbonate Makrolon
EXCELON Vinyl Tubing, Piping  
EXCELON ACR Acrylic Tubes, Rods, and Profiles  
EXCELON GO 1480 Fuel and Oil Tubing  
EXCELON PC Polycarbonate Tubing  
EXCELON R-2000 Rigid PVC Tubing and Flexible Fittings  
EXCELON R-4000 Rigid Schedule 40 PVC Pipe and Fittings  
EXCELON RNT Flexible PVC Tubing  
EXTREN Fiberglass Structural Shapes  
FLUORGLAS PTFE Glass Coated and Impregnated Glass Fabric  
FLUOROSINT Synthetic Mica Filled PTFE  
FORBON Vulcanized Fibre Fish Paper
FORTILENE Polypropylene Proteus
FORTRON PPS Polyphenylene Sulfide with and without fill Tecatron
GAR-DUR UHMW Shapes Tivar
GEHR-GLO Transparent Colored PVC Rod  
GRZ Glass Reinforced Zytel  
GYLON Filled Fluoroplastics  
HALAR Fluoroplastic C-TFE  
HITECH High Density Polyethylene  
HOMALITE Safety Glazing Sheet  
HPV13 DuPont Teflon Filled Acetal Tecaform HPV13
HYD Cast Nylon Tecast Vekton
HYD-CAST OFN Cast Nylon Oil Filled Tecast Vekton 6PAL
HYDEX Family of Engineering Thermoplastics  
HYDEX 202 & 301 Extruded Polyurethane  
HYDEX 4101 Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) Thermoplastic Polyester  
HYDEX 4101L (PBT) An Internally Lubricated Version Of Hydex 4101  
HYDEX 4301 Polycarbonate (PC)  
HYDEX 4320 BK Black 20% GF Polycarbonate  
HYDEX 6201 Polysulfone  
HYDLAR Z Kevlar/Nylon 6/6  
HYDLAR ZM Kevlar/Nylon 6/6 and MDS  
HYDLAR ZT Kevlar/Nylon 6/6 and TFE  
HYTREL Thermoplastic Elastomer  
HYZOD Changed to Makrolon Makrolon
HYZOD AR Abrasive Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon
HYZOD SL UV Enhanced Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon
HYZOD M Machine Grade Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon
IMIDEX Polyimide Film  
IMILON Engineering Thermoplastic  
IMPAX (UHMW) Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene  
IMPLEX Impact Acrylic Sheet  
INSTAROLL Urethane Roller with a Urethane Insert Bearing  
ISOPLAST Polyurethane Resin, Extrusion Grade - see Hydex 202 and 302 Hydex 202 & 301
KAPTON Polyimide Film Imidex
KEL F PCTFE Fluoropolymer  
KETRON PEEK Unfilled and Filled Grades Tecapeek
KEMID Polyetherimide Film  
KINMAR Polyester Film Mylar
KLEERKAST Cast and Extruded Acetate Film and Sheet  
KLEERSTRIP Flexible Vinyl Strip  
KOMACEL Closed Cell Integral Skin-Foam PVC With a Smooth, Hard, Satin, Finish  
KOMALITE Free Expanded PVC Sheet/Low Density  
KOROKLEAR Flexible Vinyl Strip  
KYDEX Acrylic/PVC Alloy Extruded Sheet  
KYNAR Polyvinylidene Fluoride PVDF Tecaflon
LAMITEX Laminated Phenolic Plastic  
LENNITE UHMW PE Stock Shapes Tivar
LENNITE CN-P Conductive UHMW, Carbon Powder Filled  
LEXAN Polycarbonate Sheet, Film Makrolon
LEXGARD Polycarbonate Composite Sheet Makrolon
LUCITE L Cast Acrylic Sheet  
LUCITE S-A-R Coated Cast Acrylic Sheet  
LURAN SAN Resin From BASF With Fillers Available  
LUSTRAN SAN and ABS Resins  
MACOR Machinable Glass Ceramic  
MAKROLON Polycarbonate Sheet  
MARGARD Coated Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon AR
MAYON Flexible Vinyl Tubing  
MC901 Cast Heat Stabilized Type 6 Nylon - Light Blue Color  
MC907 Cast Unfilled Type 6 Nylon FDA Grade - Natural Color, Off White Color  
MELDIN 7001 Unfilled Polyimide  
MELDIN 7021 15% Graphite Filled Polyimide  
MELDIN 7022 40% Graphite Filled Polyimide  
MELDIN 7211 15% Graphite and 10% PTFE Filled Polyimide  
MELINEX Polyester Film  
MERLON Polycarbonate Resin  
METACRIL Cast Acrylic Sheet  
MICARTA Thermoset Sheet, Rod, Tube and Shapes  
MINLON Mineral and Mineral/Glass Reinforced Nylon 66  
MIRROPLAST Mirrored Plastic Sheet  
MONOCAST Cast Nylon Shapes Tecast Vekton
MYKROY/MYCALEX Glass-Bonded Mica  
MYLAR Polyester Film  
NALGENE Chemical and Corrosive Resistant Line of Tanks, Tubing and Dispensing Equipment  
NOMEX Aramid Fibre Used in Electrical Insulation  
NORPRENE Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing  
NORYL Modified Polyphenylene Oxide  
NYCAST Cast 6 Nylon Tecast Vekton
NYCAST XHA Heat Stabilized Cast Nylon  
NYCAST/612 VS Cast Nylon 612  
NYCAST/NYLOIL Cast 6 Nylon with Oil Impregnation  
NYLAFLOW Nylon Pressure Tubing  
NYLATRON GS Extruded Nylon Type 6/6 with MD Filler Tecamid MDS
NYLATRON GSM Cast Nylon Type 6 with MD Filler-Dark Grey Tecast Vekton 6PAM
NYLATRON GSM-BLUE Cast Nylon Type 6 with MD Filler and Oil-Dark Blue  
NYLATRON LFX Discontinued-Filled Cast Nylon Tecast Vekton
NYLATRON NS Extruded Nylon Type 6/6 with Fillers Tecamid
NYLATRON NSM Cast Nylon Type 6 with Lubricant Filler-Light Grey  
NYLOBRADE Reinforced PVC Tubing  
NYLOIL Oil Filled Cast Nylon  
NYLON Polyamide Resins Available in Many Formulations TecamidTecast Vekton
OPTIX Acrylic Sheet  
PARAGLAS Cast Acrylic Sheet  
PEBAX Polyether Block Amide  
PENNTUBE Engineering Plastics Shrink Tubing  
PERMABOND Cyanoacrylate Adhesive  
PERSPEX Acrylic Sheet  
PHENOLFAB Canvas and Linen Phenolics  
PHENOLITE High Pressure Laminates  
PHENOLKRAFT Paper Phenolics and Laminates  
PLANTHANE Urethane Products  
PLEXI-VIEW Acrylic Mirror Both Cell Cast and Extruded  
PLEXIGLAS G Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet  
PLEXIGLAS MC Continuously Produced Acrylic Sheet Optix
POLY 76 Aerospace Acrylic Sheet Qualified to MIL-P-8184  
POLY 84 Aerospace Acrylic Sheet Qualified to MIL-P-8184  
POLY II Aerospace Acrylic Sheet Qualified to MIL-P-5425  
POLY MIR Polycarbonate Mirror  
POLYCAST Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet  
POLYGAL Polycarbonate Structured Sheet  
POLYPENCO Family of Engineering Thermoplastic  
POLYSTEEL UHMW Filled Sheet for Paper Industry  
POLYSTONE UHMW Polyethylene  
POLYSULFONE Transparent Amber Engineering Thermoplastic Tecason S
POMALUX Acetal Copolymer Rod, Sheet, Slab and Film Tecaform
POMALUX SD Static Dissipative Acetal Shapes Tecaform SD
POMALUX SD-A Anti-static Acetal Copolymer Non-carbon Alloy  
POMALUX CN-F Conductive Acetal Copolymer Carbon Fiber Filler  
PROPYLUX Polypropylene Stock Shapes TecafineProteus
PROPYLUX CN-F Conductive Polypro Carbon Fiber Filled  
PROPYLUX CN-P Conductive Polypropylene Carbon Powder Filled  
PROPYLUX SD-A Antistatic Polypropylene Non-Carbon Alloy  
PROTEC Polypropylene TecafineProteus
PROTEC FR CP6 Flame Retardant Polypropylene, UL-94-VO/UL-94-5VA  
PROTEUS Polypropylene  
PULTEX Pultruded Fiberglass Structured Shapes/Profiles  
PUR-FLO Natural PDVF High Purity Pipe, Valves and Fittings  
PVDF CN-F Conductive Kynar, Carbon Fiber Filled  
RADEL A Polyethersulfone  
RADEL R Polyphenylsulfone  
RAMEX UHMW Materials Tivar
REPLEX Mirrored Acrylic Sheets  
RESINOL TYPE A Low Density Polyethylene Products  
RESINOL TYPE F High Density Polyethylene Products  
RESINOL TYPE O Polypropylene Products  
RESITEN High Pressure Laminates  
REXOLITE Cross-Linked Polystyrene  
ROYALITE High-Impact ABS and Fire-Rated Thermoplastic Sheet  
RULON Family of Filled Teflon Products for Various Bearing and Wear Applications  
RYERTEX Industrial Laminates  
RYNITE Polyester Resin  
RYTON Polyphenylene Sulfide Tecatron
SANALITE HDPE-Cutting Board Stock Sheet  
SANATEC High Density Polyethylene  
SANTOPRENE Thermoplastic Rubber  
SEMITRON ESD 225 Static Dissipative Acetal Tecaform SD
SEMITRON ESD 410 Static Dissipative Ultem Hydel PEI-7
SEMITRON ESD 500 Static Dissipative PTFE, Teflon  
SINTIMID T High Performance Polyamide-imides Available with Various Additives Tecator
SINTIMID V High Temperature Polyimides Available with Various Additives Meldin
SINTIMID X Polyimide-extruded and Injection Molded Available with Various Additives Meldin
SOLACRYL Clear Choice Acrylic for Tanning Shields  
SOLEF PVDF Fluoropolymer Tecaflon
SOLIDUR UHMW, Polypropylene Sheet Tivar
SPAULDITE High Pressure Laminates Sheet Rod and Tube  
SPECTRUM General Purpose ABS, HDPE and PP Sheet  
STANYL Nylon Shapes  
STATDILUX Static Dissipative Products  
STATLOY K Static Dissipative Resin, Acetal Tecaform SD
STATNOT Static Dissipative Laminates  
STYRACLEAR Polystyrene  
STYRON Polystyrene Resin  
SURLYN Ionomer Resin  
SUSTAMID 12 Extruded Nylon 12  
SUSTAMID 6 Cast Nylon 6 Tecast Vekton
SUSTAMID 66 Extruded Nylon 6/6 Tecamid
SUSTARIN Extruded Acetal Tecaform
SUSTARIN H Ultraform Low Porosity Acetal Tecaform
SUSTATEC Extruded PVDF Tecaflon
SUSTONAT Extruded Polycarbonate Tecanat
SYMALIT PVDF Materials Tecaflon
TECAPET Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)  
TECAFINE Polypropylene  
TECAFLON Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)  
TECAFORM Acetal Copolymer  
TECAST VEKTON 6PA Cast Nylon 6  
TECAMID 6/6 Nylon 6/6  
TECANAT Polycarbonate  
TECAPEEK Polyether Ether Ketone  
TECASON S Polysulfone (PSU)  
TECATRON Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)  
TECATOR TI5013 Polyamide-imide  
TECATOR TI5031 PAI Polyamide-imide, Bearing Grade  
TECATOR XP142T Polyamide-imide (PAI) 30% Glass Filled  
TECHTRON Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Shapes Tecatron
DuPont TEFLON® FEP, TFE and PFA Resins  
TEFZEL Fluoropolymer Resin and Film  
TEMPALUX Polyetherimide Rod, Sheet, Slab and Film Ultem
THERMALUX Polysulfone Stock Shapes Tecason S
TIVAR UHMW-PE in Rod, Tube, Slab, Sheet and Profiles  
TORLON PAI, Polyimide-imide Solvay Resin Tecator
TPX Polymethylpentene Resin  
TROVICEL Expanded Rigid PVC  
TROVIDUR Corrosion Resistant Sheet Materials PVC, Polypropylene, CPVC and HDPE  
TUFFAK Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon
TUFFAK A Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon
TUFFAK CM Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon
TUFFAK XL Weatherable Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon
TURCITE A Turquoise Color Teflon Filled Acetal Thermoplastic  
TURCITE X Red Color Teflon/Silicone Filled Acetal Thermoplastic  
TYGON Flexible Plastic Tubing  
UDEL Polysulfone Resins, BP Amoco Polymers Tecason S
ULTEM Polyetherimide  
ULTRA ETHYLUX High Density Polyethylene Stock Shapes  
ULTRA POLY AR Cross-linked UHMW Tivar
ULTRA POLY ARS Cross-Linked, Lubricant Filled UHMW-PE Tivar
ULTRA POLY MP Reprocessed UHMW-PE Tivar
ULTRA POLY N Natural Virgin UHMW-PE Tivar
ULTRADUR PBT Polyester Resin Hydex
ULTRAFORM Acetal Copolymer Resin, BASF Resin Tecaform
ULTRAMID Nylon PA6 and PA66 Resins Tecamid
ULTRAPEK Polyaryletherketone Resin  
ULTRAPRO Halar Piping Systems  
ULTRASON E Polyethersulfone Resins Radel A
ULTRASON S Polysulfone Tecason S
ULTRATEC Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelene Tivar
ULTROS Copolyester PETG Sheet Vivak
UVEX Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Sheet  
VALOX Semi-Crystalline Thermoplastic Polyester PBT Hydex
VEKTON Cast Nylon Type 6 Family of Products Tecast
VEKTON 6PA FDA Compliant Cast Type 6 Nylon Tecast
VEKTON 6PAG Graphite Powder Filled Cast Type 6 Nylon Tecast
VEKTON 6PAM Molybdenum Disulfide Filled Cast Type 6 Tecast
VEKTON 6PAZ Oil-Impregnated Cast Nylon 6 Tecast
VEKTON 6XAU High Heat Weather Resistant Cast Type 6 Nylon Tecast
VERILON PVC Film, Sheet, Strip  
VESCOLENE HDPE, Polypropylene Rods and Sheets  
VESPEL® Polyimide Resin Compositions Meldin
VESPEL® SP-1 Unfilled Polyimide Meldin 7001
VESPEL® SP-21 15% Graphite Filled Polyimide Meldin 7021
VESPEL® SP-211 15% Graphite, 10% Teflon Filled Polyimide Meldin 7211
VESPEL® SP-22 40% Graphite Filled Polyimide Meldin 7022
VESPEL® SP-3 15% Molybdenum Disulfide Filled Polyimide Meldin 7003
VINTEC I PVC Type I/Grade 1 Sheet and Slab  
VINTEC II PVC Type II/Sheet and Slab  
VIVAK Copolyester Sheet PETG  
VYDENE Nylon Resins  
XENOY Liquid Crystal Polymer Resin  
XYDAR Liquid Crystal Polymer  
ZENITE Liquid Crystal Polymer Resin  
ZELUX Polycarbonate Stock Shapes  
ZELUX SD-PV0 Static Dissipative Polycarbonate Carbon Powder Filled  
ZURCON TFE Material  
ZYTEL Nylon Resins  
ZYTEL ST Super Tough Nylon