PBT-Hydex 4101

A Family of Stock Shape Plastics with Elevated Performance over PET-P, Acetal and Nylon.

In Direct Comparison to other Commonly Used Plastics, HYDEX 4101 and 4101L have:
Improved Wear and Chemical Resistance Versus Acetal

  • Hydex 4101 and 4101L are compatible with chemicals having a pH range of 2.0 - 9.0; acetal's range is 4.0 - 9.0.
  • Hydex 4101 and 4101L can withstand repeated "CIP" chemical wash down without affecting material performance. Acetal degrades upon repeated contact with aqueous chlorine solutions.
  • Hydex 4101L has 30% higher limiting PV than Delrin AF.
  • Hydex 4101L has about two times better wear factor than acetal.
  • Hydex 4101L is approved for direct food contact; Delrin AF is not.
  • Superior Dimensional Stability over Nylon
  • Hydex 4101 and 4101L have moisture absorption of 0.07%. Nylon has moisture absorption 15 times greater than Hydex, and can exhibit significant dimensional changes in use.

Best Wear and Lubricity when Compared to PET-P

  • Hydex 4101 has 20% greater impact strength than PET-P.
  • Hydex 4101L has 20% greater impact strength than PET-P.
  • Hydex 4101L has about 50% better wear factor than PET-P.
  • Hydex 4101L has more than twice the LPV performance than PET-P. • Hydex 4101L has about 50% lower coefficient of friction than PET-P.

Hydex® 4101 is a PBT Polyester with an outstanding set of properties including: wear resistance, chemical resistance and toughness. Hydex® 4101L (Lubricated) is an enhanced version with improved wear, PV range and lubricity over Hydex 4101.

Product features

  • Water Absorption: 0.07%
  • Dielectric Strength: 400 volts per meter
  • Flammability Rating (UL94 Rating): HB
  • Toughness (Rockwell Scale): M72
  • Izod Impact Strength: 0.7