Laminate G-11 Glass Epoxy

G-11 is a woven glass fabric with high temperature epoxy resin. It has excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties at elevated temperatures. It has a continuous operating temperature of 329°F. G-11 material meets or exceeds NEMA G-11 standard and has been produced using the same materials as listed in the NIST G11CR specification for materials used in cryogenic applications, but not to the exact same quantities of ingredients as specified in the process specification. It is designated by MIL-I-24768/3 Type GEB and the NEMA grade is G-11.

Product features

  • Water Absorption: 0.2%
  • Dielectric Strength: 900 volts per meter
  • Flammability Rating (UL94 Rating): HB
  • Toughness (Rockwell Scale): M112
  • Izod Impact Strength: NULL