CPVC is a high heat, corrosion resistant chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) material. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures, it is ideally suited for self-supporting constructions where high temperatures are a concern. It can be used (depending on chemistry) up to 180º F. Corzan® CPVC conforms to ASTM-D-1784-95 Class 23447-B (formerly Type IV Grade 1) and is manufactured without fillers or plasticizers. It exhibits excellent fire properties UL-94V-0 and flame spread less than 20 per ASTM E-84. Corzan CPVC is a system approach which allows you, our customer (through numerous component manufacturers) to provide a totally integrated system, all produced from the same family of Corzan materials. Machinable - CPVC can be machined, cut, routed and welded. Flammability - CPVC is self-extinguishing and has a flame spread of less than 20. Physical properties - CPVC has outstanding strength through a range of temperatures. Impact - CPVC has excellent impact strength. Chemical resistance - CPVC has excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalis.

Product features

  • Water Absorption: 0.03%
  • Dielectric Strength: 1250 volts per meter
  • Flammability Rating (UL94 Rating): V-0
  • Toughness (Rockwell Scale): R114
  • Izod Impact Strength: 9