Nylon parts can come in all shapes and sizes. The various shapes and sizes of parts widgets are made out of in nylon can many times lend itself to a near net cast nylon shape. A near net shape is simply a molten nylon resin poured into a tool that will give it a near finish or "near net" geometry. This type of process can require a small or modest tooling investment but can greatly reduce the part weight and especially increase parts per our productivity and reduce other costs associated with the part. Typically near net shapes can be a static cast, an open pour mold which means a little finishing might be required on the top-side of the part. The savings in time are probably the greatest benefit, especially when dealing with larger or massive parts.

Near net parts may also offer a chance to add a custom color or other additives to enhance the nylon material in your application. If you have a part that might be a good candidate for a near net shape, just send the print to the email on our website or call us for more help (www.plasticsintl.com) One of our technical sales representatives would be glad to take a look at it and let you know what your options might be. You can send a PDF file. Since PI does not do any machining, you never have to worry about us competing against you.