Maybe its the annual Dakar Rally that is less than a month behind us, maybe its knowing the Baja 500 is looming closer and closer.

Maybe our brutally cold Minnesota winters are just making us all yearn for the desert's warm temps instead.

Maybe its just fascinating and exciting to know there are alternatives to bronze bushings that have history in racing going back to the 1970's.

But one such material exists and has been used successfully for years, that material is Nylatron NSM.

Learn more about Nylatron NSM in off-road racing here

This is a solution that I can confirm, first hand, has been implemented in some of the leading vehicles in those off-road races such as the Mint 400. It isn't just Nylatron NSM bushings or off-road racing either; all around motorsport you'll frequently find Polyurethane, Acetal, Nylon and other materials being used for bushings and many other applications.

So we've got bushings covered, where else can we find plastics on race cars? All over the place, you'll often see ABS, Kydex, or HDPE used for things like skid plates, diffusers, splitters and canards to help aid in aerodynamic efficiency.

You'll also often see Polycarbonate or Acrylic in place of glass for window applications for both safety as well as for weight.

You can also find materials such as CE Phenolics being used for applications like intake manifold spacers, as the material is dimensionally stable and can help improve power, efficiency and aid in improved temps.

No matter where you look in the wonderful world of racing, you're likely to stumble upon some plastics in use in place of metals, glass, and other traditional materials.

Start looking for your own plastics projects today!