Danish legend and toy maker, Lego is developing a new brick made from recycled PET plastic bottles.

While great for reducing waste and becoming more sustainable and responsible, this is a move that could cause substantial damage.

Have you ever stepped on a Lego brick? Then you know this may be more evil than good.

All joking aside, Lego notes when asked if they'll be any different than current bricks; "Any sustainable elements we make now and in the future must fit with the LEGO System in Play. This means it must work with any LEGO element made over the past 60 years. This is always one of our top priorities when we’re researching new materials and it’s something we test thoroughly to make sure we get right."

They go on to note this process has taken time, "Because meeting our high standards for safety and durability can be a long process. Any new bricks also need to be perfectly designed (down to the tiniest detail) to make sure they fit with the ones made over 60 years ago. Inventing new, more sustainable materials isn’t easy and right now we’re busy building, unbuilding and rebuilding in our lab – just like you do with your LEGO bricks!"


Their goal is to move to sustainable materials by 2030, the PET from plastics bottles being just one of many projects they're seemingly testing.

With more and more discussion worldwide about recycling, its great to see real-world ways this can be approached. It has been exciting enough that you're seeing talk about this project proliferating throughout the plastic industry, as well as outside of it on media outlets like CNN.

While I hope to see this come to market sooner, rather than later, I do pray for the millions of feet that will feel the pain from these little build-able landmines.