Covid19 effects almost everything in the world around us. The demand for clear sheets made of Polycarbonate and Acrylic have increased significantly, demand has greatly outpaced supply. Luckily, we are seeing the availability of these materials rebound and material needs are more readily and easily met.

At the time of writing, Covid19 is still a very valid and current concern. The world we live in has adapted, the way we're able to interact and work with one another has also changed. One of the ways we've kept a level of normalcy in our day to day is with clear barriers. You've likely seen these in schools, payment kiosks, on desks, or at help desks to keep both parties as safe as possible. Knowing there is a level of protection and separation between consumer and employee is a reassuring piece of mind. It is also now a current part of our daily lives.

While these may be new in many scenarios, the idea has been in use for quite some time and has been consistently updated and improved on. While this may be something you've never stopped to think about until the pandemic, another situation we've seen this utilized in is for protecting items, often in a gallery setting.

Plastics International was recently contacted and provided clear Acrylic that was machined and created a completely clear barrier in such a setting. We thought this was an awesome use-case and wanted to share to help spark imagination and motivation.

Below we see the clear Acrylic plate that was machined to provide a clear corner support.

Here we see the corners nearly disappearing while supporting the corners of the upright sheets.

With the minimal obstructions to the views of this ornate work, the viewer is able to enjoy it completely with limited interference, and the parties with it on display can sleep knowing its protected.

Please let us know if you have cool or unique use cases and we can help bring them to a new audience!