Here in the Midwest, plowing snow is a way of life for a lot of seasonal workers. While plows themselves have gotten much more complex and capable, there is still ways the process can be improved.

One of the ways this can be approached is via the contact between the plow itself, and the surface being plowed. While traditional steel blades are extremely effective for hard packed snow and specifically ice, they can also be very damaging to the surface they are scraping against.

If the sealant, concrete or plow surface must be considered to reduce the risk of damage, materials like UHMW, HDPE, Polypropylene and Polyurethane can be excellent to get the desired results while minimizing damage.

Beyond the surface benefits, these blades tend to be more cost effective, quieter and less violent on the operator.

Whether the benefits are based on the above concerns, or based on cost and availability, Plastics International is here to help get you ready for the weather.

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