If you have an application where metal options are too heavy, but un-reinforced thermoplastics may not be strong enough, Ensinger may have a solution for you coming soon.

These new materials will grant you many of the benefits of thermoplastics while improving on some of their more limited physical abilities when compared to metallic options.

Specifically, Ensinger will be launching the following 3 materials.

TECATEC PPS CW50 black (PPS CFK – Polyphenylene sulfide, carbon fibre-reinforced)

TECATEC PEI GW50 natural (PEI GFK – Polyetherimide, glass fibre-reinforced)

TECATEC PC CW50 black (PC CFK - Polycarbonate, carbon fibre-reinforced)

If you would like to learn more about these new materials, please see the following for additional details.

Ensinger Composite Plates