Covid 19 has forced us to approach so many things in so many new ways. Almost nothing has been more heavily focused on during this pandemic as the use of single use plastics. The massive increase in single use materials being consumed, as well as massive amounts of discarded PPE have found its way to the environment in alarming rates.

There are new technologies developed to help reduce the use of natural gas and coal, provide a new way to reuse materials previously discarded as waste, and recycle that material in a new way to help deal with the previous two points.

This clever idea is a result of Convergen Energy's efforts in creating their fuel pellets that offer a cost-effective and sustainable. These pellets are looking like they're going to potentially gain approval in Missouri even to help power some of campuses power requirements that are currently filled by coal.

While breaking materials back down for re-processing at the base chemical level would be ideal, this may help reduce the amount of material finding its way to landfills as a stopgap. Testing concluded in November after a year trial, if the data becomes available it would be an interesting case study to compare with coal, if nothing else.