Earth Day 2021 has come and gone, but we wanted to take a look at ways the plastic world is evolving currently.

The biggest focus, worldwide, with plastics is in regards to recycling and reducing the use of single use materials we've seen such a massive increase in use of, due to Covid19.

One material we're seeing hit a circular life for is Polycarbonate. SABIC has teamed up with a lens leader to produce sun-glass lenses with Trucircle Polycarbonate material to hopefully reduce as much as 61% of its carbon footprint. This will both help the environment as focus is turned towards reducing, reusing and recycling more materials; as well as provide a usable new life for the material as Covid19 hopefully diminishes and people find themselves outside in the sun and socializing again.

Additionally, we're seeing advances on methods for breaking down more and more materials more effectively. Some of these methods are focused on reducing build ups while potentially also addressing other issues we've identified. New research shows promise that new approaches could reduce materials filling landfills, as well as help address future fuel shortages by transforming broken down materials into new fuels. These new developments potentially reduce the amount of energy needed to break down the materials as well as reducing the amount of waste being added to the atmosphere and to the landfills.

While both of these are steps in the right direction, only future innovations and exploration with technology could limit new ideas to move forward.