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Polyetherimide (Ultem® PEI, Tecapei®, Semitron®)

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ULTEM is an amorphous thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI) material that combines exceptional mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Natural ULTEM® 1000 (unreinforced) is a translucent amber material. The addition of glass fiber reinforcement to the basic  ULTEM® provides it with both greater tensile strength and rigidity while at the same time improving dimensional stability.


• Excellent mechanical strength, ULTEM® exhibits high tensile strength at room temperature and retains a significant portion of this strength at elevated temperatures. Glass fibers further increase high-temperature strength.
• Outstanding heat resistance. ULTEM® retains its physical properties at elevated temperatures.
• Exceptional resistance to environmental forces. Environmental characteristics of ULTEM® include it’s stress resistance
• Inherent flame resistance with low smoke evolution
• High mechanical strength
• High dielectric strength and stability. The high dielectric strength and constant values of ULTEM® make it an excellent electrical insulator UL94 VO
• Low dissipation factor over a wide range of frequencies
• Excellent machinability and finishing characteristics ULTEM® can be easily machined with conventional metalworking tools, painted, hot stamped, printed, or metallized.
• Natural Grade is FDS, NSF, and USP Class VI compliant ULTEM® has many applications in medical, electronic/electrical, microwave, automotive, and aircraft industries.

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