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RADEL A   Polyethersulfone  
RADEL R   Polyphenylsulfone  
RAMEX   UHMW Materials Tivar
REPLEX   Mirrored Acrylic Sheets  
RESINOL TYPE A   Low Density Polyethylene Products  
RESINOL TYPE F   High Density Polyethylene Products  
RESINOL TYPE O   Polypropylene Products  
RESITEN   High Pressure Laminates  
REXOLITE   Cross-Linked Polystyrene  
ROYALITE   High-Impact ABS and Fire-Rated Thermoplastic Sheet  
RULON   Family of Filled Teflon Products for Various Bearing and Wear Applications  
RYERTEX   Industrial Laminates  
RYNITE   Polyester Resin  
RYTON   Polyphenylene Sulfide Tecatron
SANALITE   HDPE-Cutting Board Stock Sheet  
SANATEC   High Density Polyethylene  
SANTOPRENE   Thermoplastic Rubber  
SEMITRON ESD 225   Static Dissipative Acetal Tecaform SD
SEMITRON ESD 410   Static Dissipative Ultem Hydel PEI-7
SEMITRON ESD 500   Static Dissipative PTFE, Teflon  
SINTIMID T   High Performance Polyamide-imides Available with Various Additives Tecator
SINTIMID V   High Temperature Polyimides Available with Various Additives Meldin
SINTIMID X   Polyimide-extruded and Injection Molded Available with Various Additives Meldin
SOLACRYL   Clear Choice Acrylic for Tanning Shields  
SOLEF   PVDF Fluoropolymer Tecaflon
SOLIDUR   UHMW, Polypropylene Sheet Tivar
SPAULDITE   High Pressure Laminates Sheet Rod and Tube  
SPECTRUM   General Purpose ABS, HDPE and PP Sheet  
STANYL   Nylon Shapes  
STATDILUX   Static Dissipative Products  
STATLOY K   Static Dissipative Resin, Acetal Tecaform SD
STATNOT   Static Dissipative Laminates  
STYRACLEAR   Polystyrene  
STYRON   Polystyrene Resin  
SURLYN   Ionomer Resin  
SUSTAMID 12   Extruded Nylon 12  
SUSTAMID 6   Cast Nylon 6 Tecast
SUSTAMID 6/6   Extruded Nylon 6/6 Tecamid
SUSTARIN   Extruded Acetal Tecaform
SUSTARIN H   Ultraform Low Porosity Acetal Tecaform
SUSTATEC   Extruded PVDF Tecaflon
SUSTODUR   Extruded PETP Tecapet
SUSTONAT   Extruded Polycarbonate Tecanat
SYMALIT   PVDF Materials Tecaflon
TECAPET   Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)  
TECAFINE   Polypropylene  
TECAFLON   Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)  
TECAFORM   Acetal Copolymer  
TECAFORM HPV13   HPV13 Acetal Homopolymer  
TECAST   6PA Cast Nylon 6  
TECAMID 6/6   Nylon 6/6  
TECANAT   Polycarbonate  
TECAPEEK   Polyether Ether Ketone  
TECASON S   Polysulfone (PSU)  
TECATRON   Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)  
TECATOR TI5013   Polyamide-imide  
TECATOR TI5031   PAI Polyamide-imide, Bearing Grade  
TECATOR XP142T   Polyamide-imide (PAI) 30% Glass Filled  
TECHTRON   Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Shapes Tecatron
TEFLON   FEP, TFE and PFA Resins  
TEFZEL   Fluoropolymer Resin and Film  
TEMPALUX   Polyetherimide Rod, Sheet, Slab and Film Ultem
THERMALUX   Polysulfone Stock Shapes Tecason S
TIVAR   UHMW-PE in Sheet, Rod, Tube, Slab, Sheet and Profiles  
TORLON   PAI, Polyimide-imide Solvay Resin Tecator
TPX   Polymethylpentene Resin  
TROVICEL   Expanded Rigid PVC  
TROVIDUR   Corrosion Resistant Sheet Materials PVC, Polypropylene, CPVC and HDPE  
TUFFAK   Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon
TUFFAK A   Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon
TUFFAK CM   Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon
TUFFAK XL   Weatherable Polycarbonate Sheet Makrolon
TURCITE A   Turquoise Color Teflon Filled Acetal Thermoplastic  
TURCITE X   Red Color Teflon/Silicone Filled Acetal Thermoplastic  
TYGON   Flexible Plastic Tubing  

Trade Names >   A-F    G-M    N-P    Q-T    U-Z


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