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NALGENE   Chemical and Corrosive Resistant Line of Tanks, Tubing and Dispensing Equipment  
NOMEX   Aramid Fibre Used in Electrical Insulation  
NORPRENE   Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing  
NORYL   Modified Polyphenylene Oxide  
NYCAST   Cast 6 Nylon Tecast
NYCAST XHA   Heat Stabilized   
NYCAST/612 VS   Cast Nylon 612  
NYCAST/NYLOIL   Cast 6 Nylon with Oil Impregnation  
NYLAFLOW   Nylon Pressure Tubing  
NYLATRON GS   Extruded Nylon Type 6/6 with MD Filler Tecamid MDS
NYLATRON GSM   Cast Nylon Type 6 with MD Filler-Dark Grey Tecast 6PAM
NYLATRON GSM-BLUE   Cast Nylon Type 6 with MD Filler and Oil-Dark Blue  
NYLATRON LFX   Discontinued-Filled Cast Nylon Tecast
NYLATRON NS   Extruded Nylon Type 6/6 with Fillers Tecamid
NYLATRON NSM   Cast Nylon Type 6 with Lubricant Filler-Light Grey  
NYLOBRADE   Reinforced PVC Tubing  
NYLOIL   Oil Filled Cast Nylon  
NYLON   Polyamide Resins Available in Many Formulations Tecamid, Tecast
OPTIX   Acrylic Sheet  
PARAGLAS   Cast Acrylic Sheet  
PEBAX   Polyether Block Amide  
PENNTUBE   Engineering Plastics Shrink Tubing  
PERMABOND   Cyanoacrylate Adhesive  
PERSPEX   Acrylic Sheet  
PHENOLFAB   Canvas and Linen Phenolics  
PHENOLITE   High Pressure Laminates  
PHENOLKRAFT   Paper Phenolics and Laminates  
PLANTHANE   Urethane Products  
PLEXI-VIEW   Acrylic Mirror Both Cell Cast and Extruded  
PLEXIGLASS Cast   Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet  
PLEXIGLASS Extruded   Continuously Produced Acrylic Sheet Optix
POLY 76   Aerospace Acrylic Sheet Qualified to MIL-P-8184  
POLY 84   Aerospace Acrylic Sheet Qualified to MIL-P-8184  
POLY II   Aerospace Acrylic Sheet Qualified to MIL-P-5425  
POLY MIR   Polycarbonate Mirror  
POLYCAST   Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet  
POLYGAL   Polycarbonate Structured Sheet  
POLYPENCO   Family of Engineering Thermoplastic  
POLYSLICK   UHMW Materials  
POLYSTEEL   UHMW Filled Sheet for Paper Industry  
POLYSTONE   UHMW Polyethylene  
POLYSULFONE   Transparent Amber Engineering Thermoplastic Tecason S
POMALUX   Acetal Copolymer Rod, Sheet, Slab and Film Tecaform
POMALUX SD   Static Dissipative Acetal Shapes Tecaform SD
POMALUX SD-A   Anti-static Acetal Copolymer Non-carbon Alloy  
POMALUX CN-F   Conductive Acetal Copolymer Carbon Fiber Filler  
PROPYLUX   Polypropylene Stock Shapes Tecafine, Proteus
PROPYLUX CN-F   Conductive Polypro Carbon Fiber Filled  
PROPYLUX CN-P   Conductive Polypropylene Carbon Powder Filled  
PROPYLUX SD-A   Antistatic Polypropylene Non-Carbon Alloy  
PROTEC   Polypropylene Tecafine, Proteus
PROTEC FR CP6   Flame Retardant Polypropylene, UL-94-VO/UL-94-5VA  
PROTEUS   Polypropylene  
PULTEX   Pultruded Fiberglass Structured Shapes/Profiles  
PUR-FLO   Natural PDVF High Purity Pipe, Valves and Fittings  
PVDF CN-F   Conductive Kynar, Carbon Fiber Filled  

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