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Polyimide (Vespel®, Meldin®)

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Vespel is a brand name of durable high-performance polyimide -based plastics manufactured by DuPont. Polyimides can provide solutions for extremely harsh environments that require a range of properties to perform under hot and chemically aggressive environments while maintaining characteristics usually lost in these types of environments like lubricity and dimensional stability. Polyimides will not produce significant outgassing at elevated temperatures and tend to absorb very little moisture. Polyimides are out performed in single areas by many other plastics stock shapes however; it is the ability to deliver on many of these properties at the same time that makes Polyimides unique. Applications include various semiconductor and aerospace applications including seals, thrust washers, brushings and wear pads in transportation/off-highway equipment, insulating and support elements in electrical welding and brazing equipment, and wafer-handling components in the harsh environment of semiconductor plasma ovens, pump and valve seals, vanes, and piston rings.

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