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Polycarbonate (Makralon®, Tecanat®, Lexan®)

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Polycarbonate is best known for its impact resistance but also includes other properties like optical transparency, excellent creep resistance, wide temperature limits, high dimensional stability, good electrical characteristics and self-extinguishing behavior. Polycarbonate's good heat resistance offers a high melt temperature (does require higher processing temperatures). Polycarbonates are sensitive to to Hydrolysis at these higher temperatures, this requires additional vented equipment to pre-dry the material prior to any heat processing. This will avoid bubbles or other blemishes on finished parts. Applications include windows, lenses, CD's, safety helmets, signs, aircraft parts and machine guards.

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MAKROLON® GP The staple product of the Industrial Line and most widely used polycarbonates, MAKROLON® GP polycarbonate is UV-stabilized and incorporates both economy and high performance in every sheet. One attribute that sets MAKROLON® GP polycarbonate apart from the competition is the UL 94 V0 rating on gauges .220" and greater. MAKROLON® GP polycarbonate has been proven cost effective in a wide range of industrial and design applications.

MAKROLON® AR This polycarbonate offers UV resistance, glass-like surface hardness, high impact strength, and excellent chemical resistance, making it an outstanding choice for flat, non-curved machine guards.

MAKROLON® FD Non-UV stabilized polycarbonate sheet complies with FDA (21 CFR 177.1580) and NSF Standard 51 requirements. Close gauge tolerance control combined with high impact strength and heat resistance makes MAKROLON® FD polycarbonate ideally suited for demanding applications in the medical and food equipment industries.

MAKROLON® FI This polycarbonate is flame inhibiting polycarbonate sheet is formulated for use in electronic devices or other applications requiring increased flame resistance. MAKROLON® FI polycarbonate offers a UL 94 V0 rating in gauges greater than .060".

MAKROLON® MG Machine grade polycarbonate engineering plate features extremely high impact strength, outstanding dimensional stability, and the lowest internal stress and inclusion levels when compared to any other products in its class. The lower internal stress and reduced inclusion levels of this polycarbonate will save you time and money by reducing your fabrication process. MAKROLON® MG polycarbonate is an excellent material for prototyping parts before injection molding.

MAKROLON® OP Clear, polished surface, UV-stabilized polycarbonate sheet provides high performance coupled with excellent optical clarity. Used in premium visual applications. MAKROLON® OP polycarbonate meets or exceeds requirements for products in its class.

MAKROLON® GP P12 Prismatic pattern polycarbonate sheet is UV-stabilized and UL 94 V2 rated in gauges .125" and greater. The prismatic pattern of this polycarbonate offers superb diffusion and hiding power, along with a reflective index of 1.586 (ASTM D542).

MAKROLON® SL Enhanced UV resistance polycarbonate sheet offers exceptional weatherability. Superior impact strength and formability makes this polycarbonate product an ideal choice for exterior factory/plant glazing; guards used in outdoor equipment; or other applications requiring increased weatherability and UV resistance.

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