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Enhanced PTFE (Rulon®, Fluorosint 207® and 500®)

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"Rulon" is a proprietary, homogeneous material mostly made of PTFE based resins, engineered and developed with specific custom applications in mind.

The Rulon® product line includes a variety of high performance bearings and components, which meet today's need for enhanced wear performance in a PTFE based material. Primarily used in mechanical, electrical, and chemical applications, Rulon® withstands a variety of harsh environments such as extreme dryness, cryogenic temperatures, water, steam, and hydrocarbon fuel.



Rulon® is a homogeneous material made mostly of PTFE combined with other proprietary materials to create a unique stock shape material that is developed with specific applications in mind. There are many different grades of Rulon® available to meet the demands of high end bearing and wear applications where standard unfilled PTFE will not get the job done. Rulon® will survive harsh environments that include water, steam, cryogenic temperatures, extreme dryness and hydrocarbon fuel.

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