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Acrylic Sheet - Continuously Processed

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We stock a continuously processed acrylic sheet that is crystal clear, impact resistant, weather resistant - non-yellowing. It offers high molecular weight for superior thermoforming, bending and flame polishing.

Our general purpose acrylic exceeds industry standards for quality and safety and its impact-resistance will prohibit the sheet shattering into sharp edge pieces like glass. Special UV stabilization protects the sheet from yellowing.

Typical applications for acrylic include fabrication, picture framing, skylights, displays, signage, safety, and protective guards.

Acrylic Sheet - Continuously Processed

Acrylic Sheet Properties

Key Properties:

    1. Optically clear
    2. Easy to fabricate
    3. Impact resistant
    4. UV stabilized
    5. Colors available
    6. Easily bonded with quick set adhesives
    7. Lightweight - compared to glass

1. Flammable
2. Limited chemical resistance
3. Relatively low heat resistance


  Acrylic Sheet Thickness Available Acrylic Sheet - Continuously Processed
.060" .093" .118"
.177" .236" .375"

*for sheet thicknesses 5/8" and above, cast acrylic sheet is available.

Standard Acrylic Sheet Sizes Available

48" x 96" - other sheet sizes available

Cut to size pieces available.

Sheet Tolerances
Length and Width Thickness
+ 1/4" /-0" ±10%

Sheet Masking
Sheet is supplied with polyethylene masking on two sides. Papermasking is available upon request. Sheets over 1/2" in thickness are available as cast acrylic. Custom sizes, thicknesses, colors, masking and packaging are available upon request. Call for price quotations, production minimums and delivery information.

Safety Concerns
Acrylic sheet is a combustible thermoplastic. Acrylic sheet will ignite and burn if placed in an open flame or in contact with any other source of ignition. When working or storing acrylic, please be aware of thermoplastic properties and take into consideration fire precautions.

Colors Available

  Light Transmission at .125"
  color Percent (%)  
  Clear 92%  
  2412 - Bronze 27%  
  2404 - Bronze 49%  
  2447* - White 53%  
  7328* - White 32%  

*Light transmission changes with thickness.

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